Our Mission

We want to make a difference in the world that will last for generations, improving people's everyday lives while giving back to those in need. So it’s only right we give back a portion of our proceeds to a variety of charities to make a positive impact. Ultimately we hope we can inspire others to give back to their communities to make a difference as well. 

How we're helping to fight COVID-19

We’re working with Americares to send urgently needed masks, medicines, and supplies to people in need. 

We’re donating to the CDC Foundation to help support state and local health departments, help with logistics, and help send protective equipment and supplies to healthcare workers on the frontlines. 

We’re working with Feeding America to help provide more than 4.2 billion meals to people in need. 

We donate to Doctor’s Without Borders to ensure proper infection prevention measures are in place by setting up screenings at triage, maintaining isolation areas, and providing health education and infection control training to health facilities. 

We also support the CDP COVID-19 Response Fund which supports preparedness, containment, response and recovery activities for those most affected. 

Causes we support...

Fighting Poverty & Hunger

Fighting Cancer

Protecting The Environment

Wildlife Conservation

Medical Organizations

Disaster Relief

International Aid


Suicide Prevention


Empowering Women

Gifts For Children