Above Clouds Bath Mat


About Shopoya Bath Mats:
Shopoya bath mats feature anti-fatigue technologies so you feel like you’re stepping onto a cloud. Our bath mats are made from a durable non-slip bottom, a plush velvet upper, and high-density memory foam to soak up any excess water. Shopoya bath mats are perfect for hotels, spas, gyms... or just your typical bathroom or kitchen. We’re so confident you’ll love our products, we offer free shipping and returns! Shop Shopoya for the best in home decor and bathroom accessories while contributing to some great causes.


Key Features:

Plush & Luxurious - Our bath mats are made from high-density memory foam and plush velvet so you feel like you’re stepping onto a cloud

Superb Water Absorption & Non-Slip Bottom - Our bath mats soak up excess water with ease

Hypoallergenic - Made from high-quality velvet that won't irritate your skin and is 100% anti-bacterial

Machine Washable For Easy Cleaning - Machine wash on gentle with cold water, let air dry

Perfect For Any Location - Our bath mats can be used anywhere from hotels, spas, and gyms, to anywhere your heart desires 

When can I expect to get my order?
Delivery estimates will be provided during checkout. After placing your order, delivery details will be provided in your confirmation email. *Due to COVID-19 shipping times may be delayed*

Do you ship globally?
Yes, we do ship globally. However, shipping times may be delayed due to COVID-19

• Why does my item smell?
Upon arrival, you may notice your printed items may have a slight odor. But don't worry, this is just a temporary odor from the printing process. 

What is your return policy?
All orders are eligible for free returns within the first 30 days of purchase, as long as the items aren't damaged. Please contact us at and provide us with a proof of purchase and any required documents to verify your eligibility. (Additional shipping costs are non-refundable)

How do I clean my bath mats?
Please machine wash on gentle with cold water. Do not bleach, iron, or tumble dry.

What if I entered the wrong shipping address?
If you’ve entered the wrong information while placing your order, please contact us as soon as possible at or on our social platforms, so we can update your order with the correct information.

What charities does SHOPOYA donate to?
At SHOPOYA we donate a portion of the proceeds from each order to a variety of different charities each month. Some of the causes we support include: fighting poverty & hunger, cancer, protecting the environment, wildlife preservation, medical treatments, disaster relief, International aid, education, suicide prevention, bullying, women causes, and Christmas gifts for children

At the moment, we are primarily focused on donating to charities to help those affected by the coronavirus. These charities include: (American Red Cross, AmeriCares, No Kid Hungry, The CDP COVID-19 Response Fund, and Doctors Without Borders)

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